You Can Start Understanding Arabic in the next 12 Months

A long time ago, my friend and I were standing in the enormous library in our university. We picked up an Arabic book and stared at the title…both of us had no idea what it said.

In another year and a half we were expected to learn enough Arabic to be able to attend lectures on complex subjects, write lengthy term papers, and take examinations, all in Arabic.

What happened?

We completed the Arabic language program. The first semester of classes was difficult. Then things started getting easier, bit by bit.

In the next few years, the doors to a new world were open before us. We could understand the Quran. We could read the books of hadith and fiqh. We made great friends who we speak in Arabic with. We had discussions and debates in Arabic. We got to know some amazing scholars personally.

Can you make this same journey?

But I can’t enroll to a university program..

I can’t travel to learn Arabic..

I don’t have anyone to practice with..

These are objections I hear all the time. But don’t worry. We have been working hard to develop an effective program with these challenges in mind. By being consistent, committed and systematic, you can reproduce the results of the world’s best university programs, from the comfort of your home. Keep reading to find out how..

How We Teach

A well-rounded language program must focus on all the important aspects of language  learning. Based on language research we have identified these 4 main elements

Language Output


Language Input

Fluency Development

Language Input

The Student learns from reading and listening (with focus on the meanings rather than grammatical rules). He or she will be given appropriate reading and listening material in large quantities.

Language Output

The Student learns through writing and speaking.
This involves practicing conversations with the student and also asking the student to prepare and present monologues.


The teacher focuses on grammar, spelling and pronunciation.

Fluency Development

This involves practising the material that the student is already familiar with. Activities include:
– Reading material the student is already familiar with the emphasis on speed (re-reading material)
– Speaking with vocabulary and grammar the student has already learned

Fluent Arabic Tutors

Fluent Arabic is a small group of hand-picked teachers. We have crafted a system that can teach you the basics, then get you practicing Arabic in no time. And, when you start practicing you start getting exponential results insha’Allah.

Our teachers are:

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See what some of our students say


“Fluent Arabic is a great resource for those who are inspired in taking a classical approach to arabic learning. I enrolled in online one on one program with brother Abdul Aleem just a month ago and I have already felt tremendous improvement in my confidence in learning and practicing my Arabic”

-Munira Abbasi

“The classes at Fluent Arabic are a pleasure to attend. The teacher is very systematic, attentive and helpful. I find the classes ideal for non-Arabic speaking people. Good level of learning and always interesting and never boring. I’m really looking forward to the next level and improving my Arabic.”

-Kassim Bakari

“One on one tutorship is fantastic for a busy professional like me. My teacher who conveys the complexities of Classical Arabic in English facilitates my learning experience. Highly recommended for those wishing to delve into the intricacies of texts such as Qatrun Nada and Alfiyah Ibnu Malik”

-Azlan Hussin

Book a Trial Class Now

Book a trial session for just $10 to make sure our classes are right for you

Some Questions You Might Have

Most frequent questions and answers

For 1-on-1 classes you can pick a slot from a wide range of available times. We use a scheduling system to book the classes. The timings of Group classes are announced on the description page of the respective class.

After the initial session we recommend books which we believe will be most beneficial for the student. If you want to learn a particular book, you can let us know.

We have a small team of tutors from different parts of the world. We handpick teachers who are professional, have solid knowledge of Arabic, converse in Arabic fluently, and are great at teaching.

We cover the essentials in about 25 sessions. After this, you will be in a position to start practicing.

This is an estimate based on our experience, and can vary from student to student.