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Course Structure

Madinah Arabic Book 1

4 Months

Madinah Arabic Book 2

4 Months

Madinah Arabic Book 3

6 Months


4 Months

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Learning Goals

Start understanding the Qur'an without a translation.

Start understanding the Hadith and other texts.

Start understanding Arabic lectures.

Start communicating in Arabic.

What Our Students Say

This course is unique because it used a textbook that was designed to make learning Arabic easy for non-arab speakers. It helps me to improve my understanding of the beauty of the Arabic language through its unique grammar and build my vocabulary. I think the teaching strategy is excellent.

1. Use of an established textbook

2. Online class is accessible via smartphone, laptop, etc

3. Participation from students via multiple activities such as reading, typing using an Arabic keyboard, forming sentences and clarification of mistakes by the tutor

4. Online class sessions were recorded thus the student is able to revisit the lessons to reinforce his/her understanding

5. There is a telegram group that updates information to members.

I, therefore, recommend this course to anyone who wishes to learn Arabic.

– Mohd Razib Bin Nordin, Malaysia

What makes this class very effective is that the Tutor begins every lesson with an introduction which is not part of the book. These introductions are based on topics in the study of Arabic grammar (Nahwu) e.g Idaafa, Mawsuf-Sifa, Majruurun Mansuubun, pronouns etc.

Again, the Tutor makes examples with verses in the Glorious Qur’an, Ahaadith and other Islamic books which enhance students’ understanding of the various lessons.
the periodic assignments given students by the tutor and discussions of same in class is another effective method of broadening students’ understanding of the lessons in the book.

I will recommend this course to any beginner of the Arabic language like myself.

Jazaakumul-Laahu Khairan

Mohammed Darbu, Ghana.

This free dedicated online course has helped me to learn Arabic from basic to the level I can understand phrases and short stories in a very easy way with confidence.

Actually there are several resources, online sites, videos etc for someone who wants to learn Arabic, personally I have tried many of these and nothing beats being forced to sit in this CLASS every week and study. It keeps me motivated and I can ask questions on spot and Alhamdulillah the teacher clarifies the doubts very patiently and kindly.

Coming from a non Arabic background, around a couple of months studying with a teacher who speaks in Fus’ha Arabic and explains in English for approximately 8 classes a week has put me in a position to understand simple sentences and Hadith and Qur’an with a little bit of effort.

Jazakumullahu khairan for Fluent Arabic.

Shameema, India.

This Course has been extremely Convenient for me and provides ample time in between classes to revise the prior class material. The material itself has been based on the books that were originally taught at Madinah Islamic University. The teaching style and method is fantastic. I am learning so much and daily making progress. My teacher, Honorable Sheikh, Abdul Aleem Aleem is a very sweet and tremendously patient person. There are several Beginner Level students such as myself in this course, we make many a mistakes, but he politely corrects us and makes us understand without even a trivial hint of frustration. I am very impressed with his patience with us beginners. I am taking this course so as one day I can start understanding Quran Majeed by myself. I believe with the help of my teacher InshaAllah one day I will achieve that Mubarak Goal. I will highly recommend this course to every Muslim and to anyone who wish’s to learn Arabic language.

-Abdul Wajid, United States.

I’m very grateful for this class, thank you! It’s very well structured and the teacher is very supportive, encouraging and helpful. My only constructive criticism is that it’s moving very quickly. I have a job so I can only really attend one class a week and then I fall behind so the live classes are then too far ahead. I think one class a week would give us enough time to keep up to date. Really learn the Arabic and practice before moving on to the next learning aim.

-Charlotte Fairservice, United Kingdom.

Alhamdulillah the classes are very good. Special attention and preference given to beginners to participate, without fear of making mistakes, Alhamdulillah.

After the day’s lesson, reading practice from other texts and ahadith and examples from the Holy Qur’an are also done. This is very beneficial and very much looked forward to.

-Rubeena Abdul Hazeeb, India.

Along with the madinah books, the ustad deviates periodically to other grammar points, reading materials, ahadeeths, which can be understood upto the level the lessons are covered. This gives us confidence that we can understand Arabic and the assignments as well challenges us to explore further, so that we are used to more words thereby increasing our vocabulary.

-Irfan, India

Firstly the Madina course is arguably the foremost course for students who wish to understand the Quran, Hadith and classical works by great scholars. The teacher is patient and certainly has had huge experience in teaching via this long-distance method.
Secondly, the great blessing of this course is that it is free and not constrained by money and time but rather energised by the humbleness and dedication of the teacher.
What can be improved from the teaching side ? Extend the course for 15 minutes and allow for more reading exercises , homework , conversations ,and the explanations and grammar of 40 Hadith of Imam Nawawi

-Ebrahim, Australia.

Alhamdulilah, I’m really glad I joined this course! The lessons are well structured and we go at a good pace so its easy to understand. Ustadh is very encouaging and patient with the questions, and makes the lessons very engaging. If anyone wishes to learn arabic, then I honestly highly recommend you to join.

Alhamdulillah this is an excellent Arabic course. My grammar has improved a lot and I learnt new rules that I didn’t know before.

When I’m reading the Quran I can spot the rules and this helps to understand better Alhamdullilah.

Ustadh explains the concepts in a clear and simple way so I grasp the topics very quickly. We have homework groups and we do assignments which benefit me a lot – they are enjoyable, I learn new words and are a great way to practise throughout the week.

These classes are valuable and I have benefitted greatly even through the recordings and I wish to attend the live classes In’shaa’Allah. May Allah reward Ustadh for his work.

-Shajarat S

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