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[21 Animals In The Quran] Arabic Activity For Kids [Free Printable]

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21 Animals in the Quran

Learning Quranic Arabic should be a fun experience for you and your kids. And kids and most adults for that matter, get bored easily. A great solution to this problem is to mix up the learning schedule with a variety of methods. As any good teacher will tell you, one of the best ways to teach kids is to use activities.

Activities keep children engaged and provide a fun learning experience. Moreover, planning these activities out and doing them with your kids can give you some quality time with them.

21 Animals in the Quran

21 Animals in the Quran


The activity includes animals, insects and birds. You can download the free printable at the end of the post. You can use these flash cards both for the activity and for memorization of the names of the creatures.

How to Play the Game?

  • I suggest that you split this activity into 21 days. We will go through a card a day.
  • Each card has the page and ayah in the Quran where you can find the word. Let your kids find the word. Sometimes the word might be in the plural form. Assist them in this case. Use a translation of the Quran to do the activity.


  • Discuss the lesson, story or wisdom in the ayah with your kids. You might have to read the verses in advance for this.
  • Make sure to quiz them whenever you can about the word. Make sure they have memorised the word before moving on to the next.

Benefits of the Activity

The goal is not just to teach the names of the animals mentioned in the Quran. As the activity will inshaAllah, keep their attention you can use that opportunity to teach them a lot of other things as well. For example if they are following the Qaeda Noorania lessons and starting to read a bit, you can make them practice their reading. You can discuss other common and easy words in the ayat.

Remember that these are just my suggestions for the activity. Feel free to experiment with what works for you and your kids. I would love to hear your suggestions as well.

You can download the Free Printable PDF here: 21 Animals in the Quran PDF

3 thoughts on “[21 Animals In The Quran] Arabic Activity For Kids [Free Printable]”

  1. I want stories of animals mentioned in the Quran.
    Email me if you have stories. I want to share with my grandchildren to develop interest and excitement to learn and read the Quran
    Looking forward to your response
    Thank you
    Mrs.Tanveer Rauf

  2. Assalamu alaikum.

    Insha Allah you are well.

    Sorry, but the link for the free printable PDF, 21 animals in the Quraan, is not valid any longer.

    Is it possible to please email it to me, please.

    Jazakallah khayran.
    Fudhail Jeena

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