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About Me



I learned Arabic in an unlikely place, a few miles from downtown Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. After my schooling, I had made up my mind to do a degree in Islamic Studies. 

That’s when I heard about the International Islamic University of Malaysia. Alhamdulillah, I applied and was accepted. However, now I had to learn Arabic! I had to go from knowing almost no Arabic; except for a few words and a bit of basic grammar, to taking classes, writing papers, giving presentations, and taking exams all exclusively in Arabic. To be honest, at that point I didn’t think that I could do it, but I guess that’s how all journeys start.

The Arabic Programme:

I remember going to the library and picking up an Arabic book. I tried reading the title but couldn’t make out what it was. This was pretty discouraging because we had to learn these books in a few months or at most, a year. 

The Arabic Programme they put us in was helpful. It gave us basic grammar lessons, vocabulary and most importantly a structured study schedule.

What benefited me most outside of the Arabic Programme:

I made friends from all over the world who were going through similar struggles to me. Some were struggling to learn Arabic while others were struggling to learn English. We made a pact to assist each other and mutually benefit from each other.

Me with some friends at the International Islamic University Malaysia
What really helped us learn effectively and fast was complete immersion. With immersion, you are always learning. Practice really reinforces what you learn in class. Additionally, I spent some time in Oman for one summer for further language immersion. 

I think it is important for a beginner to create an environment where you are surrounded by Arabic even if that means you have to create one artificially. For this, you can use websites that allow you to practice with native speakers, listen and watch things in Arabic, teach your kids Arabic and do everything you can to make sure you are immersed in the language. If you do that, then إن شاء الله you will be surprised how fast you will learn.

What I was able to achieve

From knowing hardly any Arabic at the start of my journey, Alhamdulillah, I managed to graduate from the International Islamic University with a degree in Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Heritage (Majoring in Ulum al-Quran and Ulum al-Hadith) and I am now pursuing a Master’s degree in Fiqh from the Madinah International University Malaysia (Online Programme) Furthermore, I am now able to converse fluently with people in Arabic, and this has led me to make some great friends from different Arab countries. I have also been blessed to know some amazing scholars personally. 

My journey hasn’t stopped, and I learn something new about this beautiful language every day.

If I could do it, so can you!

My Mission

Learning Arabic has changed my life. If you want to see the true beauty and power of the Quran, you need to read it in Arabic. The deeper you learn Arabic, the more you tend to appreciate the beauty of the Quran. This is something you need to experience for yourself. The same goes for other Islamic texts, you never really grasp the meaning unless you learn it in Arabic.

Learning Arabic opens an entirely new world to you. Arabic is the 5th most ‘powerful’ language according to the world economic forum[1] and is an official language in 26 countries.[2]

Moreover, Arabic is a fascinating language from a linguistic perspective. Taking all this into consideration, I wanted to create a top-notch English resource for engaging content, guides, resources, tips and information on learning Arabic.

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[2] “List of countries where Arabic is an official language”. Wikipedia. Retrieved June 16, 2018..

Learn Arabic Grammar with the Ajrumiyyah

The Ajrumiyyah is one of the most popular texts used to teach beginners throughout the Arab world. It deals with the foundations of al-I’rab (grammatical analysis).

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