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Doubly Weak Verbs (اللَّفِيف)

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Verbs which have two weak (vowel) letters in its root form.

Lafeef verbs consist of two types according to the position of the two weak letters in the root:

  • Lafeef Mafrooq اللفيف المفروق: Here the root verb has the first and last (final) letters as weak (vowels); e.g. وعى = to understand and وقى to protect. They follow the rules of Mithal (initial weak radical) and those of Naqis (final weak radical).
past tense
Third Personوَفَوْاthey keptوَفَياthey keptوَفىhe keptM
وَفَيْنَthey keptوَفَتاthey keptوَفَتْshe keptF
Second Personوَفَيْتُمْyou keptوَفَيْتُماyou keptوَفَيْتَyou keptM
وَفَيْتُنَّyou keptوَفَيْتُماyou keptوَفَيْتِyou keptF
First Personوَفَيْناwe keptوَفَيْتُI keptM & F
present tense
Third Personيَفونَthey keepيَفيانِthey keepيَفيhe keepsM
يَفينَthey keepتَفيانِthey keepتَفيshe keepsF
Second Personتَفونَyou keepتَفيانِyou keepتَفيyou keepM
تَفينَyou keepتَفيانِyou keepتَفينَyou keepF
First Personنَفيwe keepأَفيI keepM & F
imperative(command) tense
Third Person......M
Second PersonفواkeepفِياkeepفِkeepM
First Person......M & F
  • Lafeef Maqroon اللفيف المقرون: Here the root verb has the second (middle) and third (final) letters as weak (vowels); e.g. روى to narrate / to irrigate and طوى = to fold. They follow the same rules as Naaqis (Defective).
past tense
Third Personرَوَواthey narratedرَوَيَاthey narratedرَوَىhe narratedM
رَوَيْنَthey narratedرَوَتَاthey narratedرَوَتshe narratedF
Second Personرَوَيْتُمyou narratedرَوَيْتُمَاyou narratedرَوَيتَyou narratedM
رَوَيْتُنَّyou narratedرَوَيْتُمَاyou narratedرَوَيتِyou narratedF
First Personرَوَيْنَاwe narratedرَوَيتُI narratedM & F
present tense
Third Personيَروُونthey narrateيَرْوِيَانthey narrateيَروِيhe narratesM
يَروِيْنَthey narrateتَرْوِيَانthey narrateتَروِيshe narratesF
Second Personتَروُونyou narrateتَروِيَانyou narrateتَرْوِيyou narrateM
تَرْوِينَّyou narrateتَرْوِيَانyou narrateتَرْوِينyou narrateF
First Personنَرْوِيwe narrateأَرْوِيI narrateM & F
imperative(command) tense
Third Person......M
Second PersonاِرْوُواnarrateاِرْوِيَاnarrateاِرْوِnarrateM
First Person......M & F

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