Ijazah Program.

Memorize the entire Qur’an at your pace, with our team of professional reciters and teachers. The teacher will help you stay consistent and keep pushing you to go at your best pace.

On memorising the entire Qur’an with correct tajweed, you can attain an Ijazah in the recitation of Hafs ‘an ‘Asim.

[Note: The Ijaza will only be provided after the Sheikh examines you and you fulfil the requirements]

Class Timings

You can agree on a convenient time for both yourself and the Sheikh. As we have a team of tutors, we should be able to accommodate most timings. In case we cannot agree on a time, we will issue a full refund.

Money-back Guarantee

If for any reason you don’t think that these classes are for you, let us know within the first 3 classes, and we will issue a full refund, no questions asked.



Alhamdulillahi this course has been a real blessing to improve my Quran memorization and also to pronounce all the letters correctly. Shaykh Mohammad is really patient and explain clearly the different rules. He takes the necessary time to go through all the little details so that I can really improve and recite correctly. In sha Allah with time and efforts and with the Mercy of Allah we’ll be able to achieve great result. I encourage other to take those courses as it can only benefit you.
MashAllah, I joined the online Quran hifz program about 3 months ago. Alhamdulilah, my teacher is pushing me to make progress slowly but surely. My recitation and reading with correct tajweed is improving.
Mohamed Sow
United States

Qur'an Hifz Program

Memorize the entire Qur’an al Kareem with us and earn an Ijaza in the reading of Hafs ‘an ‘Asim



3 Sessions Weekly
$ 135 Per Month


5 Sessions Weekly
$ 225 Per Month

The sessions are 45 minutes each.

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