Fluent Arabic Muaddib For Kids

A unique tutorship program just for kids. Teach them Quranic Hifz, Tajweed, Arabic Language and more with the Muaddib Package.

What is the Muaddib?

In the old times - starting from the days of the Umayyads, kids would have an expert teacher who would teach them all the basic-sciences they need to know. Following in those footsteps, our special package assigns one highly skilled teacher for your child. He can teach Arabic, Tajweed, Hifz, Basic Fiqh and other essential sciences. The study plan is designed specifically for your child after consulting you, based on his or her needs.

our teaching team

Abdul Aleem

Founder of Fluent Arabic

Having learned the language from scratch, he knows how to take you through the process. Well versed in Arabic grammar, he will make sure you have a solid understanding of grammatical concepts while at the same time practicing as much Arabic as possible in the class.

Ust. Abdurrahman Diallo

Advanced Arabic Grammar

Ustad Abdurrahman currently pursues his phd from the International Islamic University Malaysia. He teaches Mutun in Arabic grammar, including more advanced ones.

Ust. Yasser Talbi

Immersion & Tajweed Expert

Ustad Yasser currently resides in Madinah and has had the opportunity to learn under various scholars. He is extremely passionate about teaching and will make sure you keep progressing whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced learner. 

Sheikh Basheer Duguri

Arabic Grammar & Immersion Expert

An extremely friendly and joyful personality, Sheikh Basheer has remarkable mastery and eloquence in the Arabic language. A graduate from the Madinah University, he then went on to compete his masters from IIUM. 

Dr Bilal Zekkoub

Tafsir Specialist

Dr Bilal is an assistan professor who specializes in tafsir and its sciences. He offers special sessions on request.

What our Students Say

“Alhamdulillah my daughter loves Ustad Yasser’s classes. She’s progressing well in Arabic. She loves how Ustad appreciates and encourages her, it makes her feel confident to do more and does not make her feel bored during the class.”

– Umm Khadeeja

“I’ve always wanted my son to have a good base in Arabic but was finding it hard to find a good tutor and that’s when I heard about “fluent Arabic” and alhamdullilah I am so glad !!! My son really enjoys sitting with Ustad Yasser and he really keeps my son engaged. He understands everything well and enjoys his classes !”

– Umm Ahsab

Schedule Classes With Ease

Our scheduling software shows you the Ustad’s availbility in your time zone. You can schedule each session at a convenient time.

Each child is different

Each child responds to different styles of learning. Our tutors will use a wide range of approaches to keep the child engaged. These teaching styles can be adapted to the individual needs of the child.

Plenty of encouragement

We try to instill love for the sciences we are teaching in the child. That’s why are tutors are cheerful and generous with encouragement.

Let's Get Started...

Invest in your child’s learning starting today, and insha’allah reap everlasting benefits.


2 Hrs Weekly
$ 120 Per Month
  • 2 X 60 min / 4 X 30 Min


3 Hrs Weekly
$ 180 Per Month
  • 3 X 60 Min / 6 X 30 Min


4 Hrs Weekly
$ 240 Per Month
  • 4 X 60 Min / 8 X 30 Min


5 Hrs Weekly
$ 300 Per Month
  • 5 X 60 MIN / 10 X 30 MIN

Our tutors are great with kids !

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