Madinah Book 2
Madinah Book 3

Book 1 Assignments

Assignment 1:

Translate the following passage from Qasas an Nabiyyeen. Use the dictionary where required. Do not refer to the English version of the book in case you have it.

Assignment 2:

List all the instances of idhafa from page 562 (Page 1 of Surah al Mulk)

Assignment 3:

Translate this beautiful poem from the book alqiraa’a ar rashida.

Assignment 4: Translate chapter 4 from Al Qira’at Ar Rashisha – At the Market.
If you are not able to finish the full chapter, try to finish at least half.

Assignment 5:
Find the instances of Jam’ Ghayr Aqil in the following page of the Quran Al Kareem.