Tajweed Beginner to Intermediate Course

Learn to Recite the Qur'an Correctly in 4 months

Our course on the tajweed of the Quran is designed to take you from a beginner with little or no knowledge of the rules of tajweed to being able to recite the Quran beautifully and correctly with the right pronunciation.

Islamic Pattern

What You Will Learn

Al-Qaeda Al-Noorania

A book that teaches you how to read the arabic alphabet and pronounce the letters correctly. We will start out by perfecting our reading and pronunciation.

Estimated time to complete: 1 month


Tuhfat al-Atfaal

A didactic poem used to teach beginners the basics of pronunciation and tajweed. You will inshaAllah be taught this poem along with its explanation in English. We will also practice these rules with plenty of examples.

Estimated time to complete: 3 months

“Whoever tries to take knowledge in one go, loses it in one go” — Al-Zuhri

To master a science, it takes time and patience. Being able to stay consistent over a period of time is what separates the serious student of knowledge from the rest.
Our courses are aimed at serious and committed students of knowledge.

The Teacher

Ustadhah Asmaa Mohsen

Ust. Asmaa Mohsen is a native Arabic speaker with a robust foundation in Quranic and Arabic sciences. She is a hafidha and holds two Ijazas in the riwayah of Hafs an Asim. 

She also has a deep knowledge of the Arabic language and has studied texts like Qatr an Nada and Alfiyyat ibn Malik.

She speaks English fluently.



Course Start:

9th July, 2024


Tuesdays and Sundays, 7 pm (GMT) | 3 pm ET


Each session will be 1 hour



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Batch 4 (7 pm GMT)

One-time Payment

Access to live classes

Access to recordings for 1 additional year after completion of course

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$ 120 (One-time payment)


! These are reviews from a different batch of the same program taught by another teacher !

Sit with someone who knows! 🤲🏼

What I like about this tajweed course is that the teacher, Shaykh Muhammad Bailo, took everyone slowly through Noorani Qa’idah. He is now introducing us to Tuhfatul Adfaal giving every lesson it’s due.

He is highly qualified, patient, kind, and considerate. Students feel comfortable asking questions. He is responsive and encourages everyone to do his or her best. He also understands the challenges individuals may face learning how to read and pronounce a foreign language.

Fluent Arabic courses give immense benefit to the maximum number of people for the sake of Allah.

I will be enrolling in Shaykh Muhammad Bailo’s intermediate course on The Jazariyyah after this, Insha’Allah, it is an honor and pleasure to learn from him.

— Maryam, United States

Thank You Fluent Arabic!

I have learned a little bit of Tajweed growing up from my dad, but I never had a professional teacher check if I was reciting the Qur’an the right way. And I live in a place where it is hard to find knowledgeable people. Alhumdulillah I am so grateful to Allah for finding Fluent Arabic. Sheikh Abdul Aleem puts in a lot of effort to find knowledgeable and right teachers from around the world, and Sheikh Diallo was no exception. You can tell from the beginning Sheikh Diallo has a lot of knowledge as well as good character, patience, and mercy towards his students. He explained concepts of Tajweed well, answered all of our question, along with examples. InshaAllah, I hope to join more of his classes on Tajweed in the future. May Allah swt reward the staff of Fluent Arabic for their hard work in trying to bring knowledge to every corner of the world.

— Naureen, United States

Learning Tajweed made easy in 4 months

Alhamdulillah, I recently completed an online Tajweed course from Fluent Arabic, and I must say it was an enlightening experience that significantly enhanced my understanding of Quranic recitation. I thank Allah(swt) and Usthaadh Abdul Aleem for allowing me to be part of this Tajweed course.

Though, I have taken up so many Tajweed courses before, this way of learning was quite different. Barakallahu Feekum to Sheikh Diallo Bailo
Alhamdulillah started with
1) Noorani Qaidah,
2) Tajweed explanation with Tuhfathul Atfaal and then
3) Recitation of few Surahs in the Quran with explanation of Tajweed rules

Here’s my comprehensive review:

Course Content (5/5):
The course covered a wide range of topics essential for mastering Tajweed. From the basics of articulation points (Makharij) to advanced rules of recitation, each slide was meticulously crafted to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. The lessons were structured logically, building upon previous concepts, which facilitated a smooth learning curve, Alhamdulilah and BarakAllah

Instruction Quality (4.8/5):
Sheikh Diallo Bailo demonstrated a profound understanding of Tajweed and effectively conveyed complex concepts clearly and concisely, Alhamdulillah. His passion for the subject matter was evident, which made the learning experience engaging and enjoyable.

Flexibility and Accessibility (5/5):
One of the standout features of this course was its flexibility and accessibility. The online platform allowed me to access course materials anytime, anywhere, catering to my busy schedule. Additionally, the option to revisit previous lessons and progress at my own pace was invaluable, ensuring a personalized learning experience tailored to individual needs.

Overall Impression (4.9/5):
In conclusion, the online Tajweed course exceeded my expectations, equipping me with the knowledge and skills necessary to recite the Quran with proper pronunciation and clarity. The comprehensive curriculum, knowledgeable Sheikh, interactive learning tools, flexibility, and supportive community collectively contributed to a fulfilling educational experience. While there is always room for refinement, I wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone seeking to deepen their understanding of Tajweed.

I hope this review provides valuable insight for those considering enrolling in the course.

— Asrar, India


Yes, recordings will be provided. You can access them for a year after the course is completed inshaAllah.

Refunds will be provided if you cancel within the first week of the course.

Yes. We will start with the alphabet and perfect pronunciation before moving on to tajweed rules.

You just need a stable internet connection microphone, headphones, and willingness to learn 🙂

We highly recommend getting physical copies of both books at you local Islamic book store or online. You can use a PDF if you are not able to.

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