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99 Authentic Names of Allah – Ibn Uthaymeen


These are 99 authentic names of Allah extracted from the Quran and the Sunnah by Sheikh Ibn ‘Uthaymeen Rahimahullah. He has mentioned the in his book ‘Al-Qawaid Al Muthlaa’

الوِتْرWitrThe One Who Has No Partner Nor Anyone Like Him
المَنَّانAl-MannaanThe Beneficent Bestower of Bounties
المُعطِيAl-Mu'ṯeeThe Giver
المُحسِنAl-MuẖsinThe One Who Acts in a Fine and Good Manner
المُؤَخِّرAl-Mu'akhkhirThe One Who Puts Back
المُقَدِّمAl-MuqaddimThe One Who Gives Precedence
البَاسطAl-BaasiṯThe Granter of Ample Provision
القَابِضAl-QaabidThe Withholder
الطَّيِّبAṯ-ṮayyibThe Pure One
الشَّافِيAsh-ShaafeeThe One Who Cures
السَيِّدAs-SayyidThe Lord and Master
السبُّوحAs-SubbooẖThe Venerated and Perfect
الرَّفِيقAr-RafeeqThe Gentle
الرَّبّAr-RabbThe Lord and Nurterer
الحَيِّيAl-H̱ayyiyuThe One Who Honourably Disdains Anything Unbecoming His Mercy and Generosity
الحَكَمAl-H̱akamThe Judge
الجَوادAl-JawaadThe Munificent
الجَمِيلAl-JameelThe Beautiful One
الوَهَّابAl-WaẖẖaabThe Bestower
الوَلِيّAl-WaliyyThe Guardian Lord
الوَكِيلAl-WakeelThe Trustworthy Disposer of Affairs
الوَدُودAl-WadoodThe Loving One and the Beloved One
الوَاسِعAl-Waasi'The Vast One
الوَارِثAl-WaarithThe Inheritor
الوَاحِدAl-WaaẖidThe One and Only
النَّصِيرAn-NaseerThe Helper
المُهَيمِنAl-MuhayminThe Trustworthy and Ever Watchful Witness
المَولىAl-MawlaaThe Patron Lord or the Master and Supporter
المَلِيكAl-MaleekThe Omnipotent Sovereign
المَلِكAl-MalikThe King
المُقِيتAl-MuqeetThe All-Powerful Maintainer
المُقتَدِرAl-MuqtadirThe Omnipotent
المُصَوِّرAl-MusawwirThe Bestower of Forms
المُحيطAl-MuẖeeṯThe All-Encompassing
المَجِيدAl-MajeedThe One Perfect in Glory and Honour
المُجِيبAl-MujeebThe Responsive
المَتِينAl-MateenThe Strong
المُتَكَبِّرAl-MutakabbirThe One Suprememe in Glory, The Justly and Rightfully Proud
المُتَعَاليAl-Muta'aaleeThe Supreme and Exalted One
المُؤمِنAl-Mu'minThe True and Trustworthy, The Granter of Security
اللّطِيفAl-LaṯeefThe Subtle and Kind
الكَرِيمAl-KareemThe Bountiful, The Generous One Abundant in Good
الكَبِيرAl-KabeerThe Incomparably Great
القَهّارAl-QahhaarThe Overwhelming Subduer Who is Never Overcome
القَوِيّAl-QawiyyThe One Perfect in Strength
القَرِيبAl-QareebThe One Who is Near to the Servants
القَدِيرAl-QadeerThe All-Powerful
القُدُّوسAl-QuddoosThe Pure and Perfect
القَاهِرAl-QaahirThe Invicible Subduer
القَادِرAl-QaadirThe Fully Able One
الفَتَّاحAl-FattaaẖThe Judge and Opener Who Distinguishes the Truth from Falsehood
الغَنِيّAl-GhaniyyThe Independent One Who is Free of All Needs
الغَفورAl-GhafoorThe One Who Forgives Extensively
الغَفَّارAl-GhaffaarThe Oft-Forgiving
العَلِيّAl-'AliyyThe Exalted
العَليمAl-'AleemThe All-Knowing
العَفُوAl-'AfuwwThe One Who Pardons Again and Again
العَظِيمAl-'AdheemThe Tremendous One or the Magnificent
العَزِيزAl-'AzeezThe Almighty or the Invincible
العَالِمAl-'AalimThe All-Knower of the Seen and Unseen
الصَّمَدAs-ṢamadThe Perfect Lord and Master Upon Whom the Whole of Creation Depends
الشَّهِيدAsh-ShaheedThe Witness
الشَّكُورAsh-ShakoorThe One Most Ready To Appreciate and Reward Abundantly
الشّاكرAsh-ShaakirThe Appreciative
السّميعAs-Samee'The All-Hearing
السَّلامAs-SalaamThe Impeccable One or Flawless One
الرَّقِيبAr-RaqeebThe Ever Watchful Guardian
الرّزَّاقAr-RazzaqThe Great Provider
الرَّحيمAr-RaheemThe Bestower of Mercy
الرَّحمانAr-RahmaanThe Extremely Merciful
الرَّؤُوفAr-Ra'oofThe Comassionate and Kind
الخَلاّقAl-KhallaaqThe Creator Who Creates Again and Again
الخَالقAl-KhaaliqThe Creator and Maker of Everything
الخَبيرAl-KhabeerThe Fully Aware
القَيُّومAl-QayyoomThe Self-Subsisting One Upon Whom Everything Depends
الحَيAl-HayyThe Everliving
الحَميدAl-H̱ameedThe One Who is Deservedly Praised
الحَليمAl-H̱aleemThe Forebearing
الحَكيمAl-H̱akeemThe One Fully Wise or Al-Haakim (The All-Wise)
المُبِينAl-MubeenThe Clear and Manifest One
الحقّAl-H̱aqqThe True One
الحَفِيّAl-H̱afiyyThe Benovolent
الحَفِيظAl-H̱afeedhThe Guardian
الحَسِيبAl-H̱aseebThe Reckoner Who Suffices
الحافِظAl-H̱aafidhThe Protector
الجَبّارAl-JabbaarThe Exalted and Almighty Compeller
التَّوَّابAt-TawwaabThe One Who Guides His Servants to Repent and Accepts Their Repentance
البَصيرAl-BaṣeerThe All-Seeing
البَرّAl-BarrThe Most Benign and Kind
البارِئAl-Baari`The Originator
الباطِنAl-BaatinThe Innermost One
الظاهِرAdh-DhaahirThe Uppermost One
الآخِرAl-AakhirThe Last
الأولAl AwwalThe First
الإلهAl-IlaahThe One Who Alone Deserves to be Worshipped
الأكرمAl-AkramThe Most Generous
الأعلىAl-A’laaThe Most High
الأحدAl-AẖadThe Unique


The Ninety-Nine names of Allaah وتعالى سبحانه
Based on Shaykh Uthaymeen’s book Al-Qawaa`id al-Muthla, Translated by Dawud Burbank

Source: https://abdurrahmanorg.files.wordpress.com/2018/01/list-of-the-99-names-of-allaah-shaykh-uthaymeen-dawud-burbank.pdf

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