Madinah Arabic Book 3 - (Live Class)

This class is for students who have learned the basics through Book 1 & 2 or equivalent textbooks. In this course, we will cover topics for intermediate learners through Book 3. The classes will be taught in English and Arabic.

Course Structure

Madinah Arabic Book 3

4-5 Months

Additional Reading


Listening & Speaking Exercises


ustad abdul aleem

The Teacher

Ustadh Abdul Aleem is the founder of Fluent Arabic. He is passionate about Arabic literature and poetry and loves teaching Arabic to beginners.
He holds a masters in Fiqh And Usul from Al-Madinah International University.

Take Your Arabic To The Next Level

In Book 3 we will take a deeper dive into Arabic grammar along with enriching our vocabulary and getting plenty of practice. Hardworking students will be able to understand and communicate in Arabic after completing this course inshaAllah.

Class Schedule

Start date:

Batch 1

Thursday, May 23 2024.


Batch 1

Tuesday & Thursday, 3:30 pm GMT.

(Two Classes Per Week)

60 min sessions


4-5 months

Get Access to Class Recordings

Class recordings are provided for revision. You will have access to the recordings for 1 year after the course is completed.

Learning Goals

Start understanding the Qur'an without a translation.

Start understanding the Hadith and other texts.

Start understanding Arabic lectures.

Start communicating in Arabic.

What Our Students Say

The Madina Arabic & Ajurumiyah course was very beneficial in further improving my Arabic language in terms of speaking, listening, reading and writing. Classes were highly informative and taught in a expert way by Sheikh Abdul Aleem which enabled all the students to benefit whether they already have some knowledge of the arabic language or new to the language. I will highly recommend this course to anyone who want to learn the language of the Arabs.

— Taj, United Kingdom

I recommend every Muslim who wants to understand his or her religion to take this course.
It has helped me a lot I can feel the beauty of the Quran Hadith even more and more as I learnt this beautiful course.

Ali Ab’dul-Hakeem, Zambia

This Course has been extremely Convenient for me and provides ample time in between classes to revise the prior class material. The material itself has been based on the books that were originally taught at Madinah Islamic University. The teaching style and method is fantastic. I am learning so much and daily making progress. My teacher, Honorable Sheikh, Abdul Aleem Aleem is a very sweet and tremendously patient person. There are several Beginner Level students such as myself in this course, we make many a mistakes, but he politely corrects us and makes us understand without even a trivial hint of frustration. I am very impressed with his patience with us beginners. I am taking this course so as one day I can start understanding Quran Majeed by myself. I believe with the help of my teacher InshaAllah one day I will achieve that Mubarak Goal. I will highly recommend this course to every Muslim and to anyone who wish’s to learn Arabic language.

Dr Abdul Wajid, United States

Alhamdulillah the duroos were outstanding and our teacher may allah lengthen his life is very helpful during the sessions and after the session also. He is always there for guidance.

Shaiq, India

Ustaz Abdul Aleems approach to teaching Arabic is very different from conventional Arabic classes. The main goal is to understand the quran and hadith books, in sha Allah. Most of the assignments are related to quran and hadith books so we get to practice from the start. Ustaz gives various resources to learn from , which are extremely helpful in mastering the language and strengthening our foundation.May Allah reward Ustaz and sister Ferah for not only designing this course but also making it available for anybody and everybody to benefit from.

Naseela, India

Register Now

Cost: $225

(One-time Payment)

Batch 1

Tuesday & Thursday, 3:30 pm GMT.

On joining you will be sent a link to join our telegram group which will provide access to the class links and recordings.


This course is not suitable for complete beginners. You must have learned the basics of Arabic grammar and mastered the vocabulary of Book 1 and 2 or similar textbooks to fully take advantage of this course.

The explanations will be given in English. However we will try to speak Arabic as much as possible in this class. Students are highly encouraged to try and speak in Arabic as much as they can.

We will use Madinah Arabic Book 3. Additionally, we will use other books as reading material. The teacher will share these in the telegram group.

The best approach is to learn gradually. The pace of the course gives you enough time to revise and master each lesson before going forward.

You have the first week to decide once the class is underway. In this period we will offer a full refund (minus the 3% fees charged by the payment gateway). Refunds won’t be offered after this period.

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