About Us

The Fluent Arabic Project is an effort to make learning the Arabic language accessible for people who have busy schedules and cannot travel in order to learn Arabic. To make this possible, we keep producing high-quality content aimed at Arabic learners who speak English, and work with exceptional teachers who have a mastery of both Arabic and English.

Our tutors work within the Framework we have developed, while keeping their unique teaching styles to achieve the best possible results. No matter which of our programs you opt for, you will receive personal attention, and the best possible support from us in order to facilitate your learning. We look forward to the day you speak to us in Fluent Arabic!

our team

Abdul Aleem

Founder of Fluent Arabic

Having learned the language from scratch, he knows how to take you through the process. Well versed in Arabic grammar, he will make sure you have a solid understanding of grammatical concepts while at the same time practicing as much Arabic as possible in the class.

Abdurrahman Diallo

Advanced Arabic Grammar

Ustad Abdurrahman currently pursues his phd from the International Islamic University Malaysia. He teaches Mutun in Arabic grammar, including more advanced ones.

Yasser Talbi

Immersion & Tajweed Expert

Ustad Yasser currently resides in Madinah and has had the opportunity to learn under various scholars. He is extremely passionate about teaching and will make sure you keep progressing whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced learner. 

Basheer Duguri

Grammar & Tajweed

An extremely friendly and joyful personality, Sheikh Basheer has remarkable mastery and eloquence in the Arabic language. A graduate from the Madinah University, he has mastered all 10 Qira’at of the Quran.


Abu Salih (Asim Kamal)


Abu Salih (Asim Kamal) is the founder of RIZQONOMICS. He is a Student of Knowledge specialising in Islamic Economics & Islamic Finance. He advises Fluent Arabic on strategy and business development.

Umm Salih

Arabic and Tajweed

Umm Salih has a masters in Education, and is experienced in teaching Arabic and Quran to children, teenagers and adults. She speaks both Arabic and English Fluently.

Abdurrahman Ehab

Kids Expert

Ustad Abdurrahman Ehab is great with kids, and uses a wide range of activities and games to keep them focused while he teaches how to read an d write Arabic, as well as the basics of Tajweed and other essential knowledge.

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