Al-Ajurrumiyyah Online.

Apply for our free live course on the classical primer Al-Ajurrumiyyah. This course deals with intermediate Arabic grammar and is suitable for those who have completed the Madinah books or their equivalent.

Registrations close soon.

Class Schedule

Start Date: 15 Dec, 2022

Timings: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 3:30pm GMT

Location: Zoom

Duration: 3-5 months


Important Notes


      • Those already in the live Madinah Arabic Beginner to Advanced program do not need to apply, as they are already registered.

      • The 3 Madinah Arabic books are a prerequisite to this course. If you haven’t learned them, you can do so through the free videos at

      • Please apply only if you can commit to attending the live sessions. Only a few people will be selected so you might be blocking others if you do not attend after being selected.

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