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The internet is full of scattered gems when it comes to Arabic resources. So I wanted to put together a thorough guide pointing you towards the best available free Arabic resources for MSA and Classical Arabic.

Arabic Alphabet and Script

If you are starting from scratch, here are some resources to help you master the Arabic script. While you might need a teacher to perfect Quranic pronunciation, to get started with reading Arabic, these resources should be enough:

Madina ArabicWebsite
Fluent ArabicWebsite
Arabic Quick Website
How to read arabic script – Introductory ArabicVideo
Arabic alphabet (learn the basic Arabic letters)Udemy Course (Free)
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arabic_alphabet Website


Websites, Youtube Channels and Courses with a focus on Arabic grammar:

All The Arabic You Never Learned The First Time AroundWebsite
Ultimate ArabicWebsite
Fluent Arabic (Grammar)Website
Madinah ArabicWebsite
Desert SkyWebsite
Arabic Grammar FoundationWebsite
Madinah Books (PDFs + Audio) [Abdurrahman.org]Multiple
Al-Arabiyyah Bayna Yadayk (PDF + Audio) Multiple
Youtube Lecture Series Teaching All 3 Medina BooksVideos
Arabic Grammar for All – Abu Sulaymaan Videos
Ajrumiyyah Series – Abu Sulaymaan Videos
Transparent Language Blog – ArabicWebsite
(summary of Arabic grammar)
(Arabic grammatical terminology index)


Great Arabic content to keep you immersed in the language and also to inspire you along the way. This is really important for listening, comprehension and application of what you have learned.

Arabic With SamPodcast
Arabic Qahwa (Learn Quranic Arabic)Podcast
Arabic With Sam (Youtube)Videos
ArabicFluency (Youtube)Videos
Shinqitee Lectures English SubtitlesVideos
Fahad AlKandariVideos
Sheikh Sa’eed Al-KamaliVideos
Qasas al-Anbiya (Stories of Prophets) – Nabil Al AwadhiVideos
Free Vowelized Children’s Storybooks (Hindawi.org)Website
Read Arabic Newspapers From Different Countries OnlineWebsite


تهذيب سيرة ابن هشامPlaylist
Summary of Zad al-Ma’ad – Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab Part 279.6 MB
Summary of Zad al-Ma’ad – Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab Part 181.7 MB
Tafsir Al-Sa’di (Complete)Playlist
Tafsir Ibn Kathir (Complete)Playlist
Al-Fiqh Al-Muyassar Fi Al-Ibadat Wal Mu’amalat – Ahmad Al-Aashour – 475.1 MB
Al-Fiqh Al-Muyassar Fi Al-Ibadat Wal Mu’amalat – Ahmad Al-Aashour – 375.1 MB
Al-Fiqh Al-Muyassar Fi Al-Ibadat Wal Mu’amalat – Ahmad Al-Aashour – 274.3 MB
Al-Fiqh Al-Muyassar Fi Al-Ibadat Wal Mu’amalat – Ahmad Al-Aashour – 173.3 MB
Al-Risalah Al-Tadmiriyyah – Ibn Taymiyyah59.2 MB
Al-Shafiyah Al-Kafiyah – Ibn Al Qayyim14.1 MB
Risala Al-‘Ubudiyyah – Ibn Taymiyyah67.3 MB
Usool Al-Sunnah – Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal3.8 MB
Al-Usool Al-Thalatha – Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab8.8 MB

Social Media

Great pages and communities to follow

Students of the Arabic Language Facebook group
Arabic Dialects and Modern Standard/Classical Arabic Facebook group
Arabic Facebook page
Fluent Arabic Facebook page
Arabic Box Facebook page
Transparent Arabic (@arabiclanguage)Twitter
arabicpod101 (@arabicpod101)Twitter
Learn Arabic Free (@learnarabic_ar)Twitter


Al-Mawrid Reader (
Allows searching in Hans Wehr, Lane’s Lexicon and J. G. Hava all on a single page, 20 root based arabic dictionaries in 6 different languages. )
Al-Maany (Arabic-English / Arabic-Arabic)Website (free)
Quranic Arabic Corpus (Word by word translation, grammatical analysis, and more)
Al-Mawrid Arabic-English DictionaryBook
Google Translate Website
Reverso Context Arabic-EnglishWebsite
Arabic-English Lexicon by Edward William Lane
Globse Ar-En Dictionary


Some of my favorite apps to keep you on track with your Arabic

App NameUtility
Anki Flash CardsSpaced Repetition System
MemriseLanguage Courses


Frequency lists and flashcards

Quranic Arabic Verbs (1703)Quizlet Flashcards
Quranic Arabic (80% Words) Quizlet Flashcards
80% Quranic Arabic Verbs Quizlet Flashcards
80% Quranic Arabic NounsQuizlet Flashcards
100 most frequent words in the Quran Quizlet Flashcards
5000 Most Frequently Used Arabic Words w/ Audio Anki Deck
Qur’anic Vocabulary: all word forms, translations & examples Anki Deck
Madinah Arabic Book 1 (full book) Anki Deck
Madinah Arabic Book 2 (full book) Anki Deck
Madinah Arabic Book 3 (Lesson 1-34) Anki Deck
Arabic Minimal PairsAnki Deck

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