What if I told You…You can Start Understanding Arabic in the next 12 Months?

Dear Akhi / Ukhti, I assume that you are here because you want to learn Arabic. You want to be able to understand the words of Allah without an interpreter; you want to understand the words of the Messenger ﷺ and read the amazing books of Islamic literature without a dictionary.

But have you ever asked yourself, ‘Can I really learn the Arabic language?’

I have asked myself the same question on different occasions, and today I want to help you answer that question.

The Story of One of the Greatest Arabic Teachers..

A long time ago, a boy named Abdur Rahim was born in a small city called Vaniyambadi, in Tamil Nadu, India. He had a strong desire to learn the Arabic language. But almost no one around him spoke Arabic. There was no internet, no Arabic books, and no one to practice with.

This, however, did not stop him…

He started by teaching himself the basics of Arabic grammar with the help of a few books in English and Urdu that he could get his hands on.

Whenever he heard of a scholar or traveller or businessman who was visiting the neighbouring city of Chennai, he would go to them to try and practice Arabic. Once he found a man speaking Arabic; it turned out that the man was a beggar from an Arab country (many Arab countries were very poor at that time). He took him home and fed him so that he could practice with him all day. He wrote to the embassies of Arab countries who would provide him books and magazines in Arabic.

Many years later, he would go onto author the most successful Arabic language program for non-Arabs in the world.

This is the story of Dr. V Abdur Rahim, who joined the teaching faculty of the Arabic language at Madinah International University under the leadership of Sheikh Bin Baz Rahimahullah, in 1969.

His program is used to this day to teach thousands of new students every year.

So coming back to the question, ‘Can you learn Arabic?’

The answer is Yes, and your age or circumstances do not matter.

But I don’t have anyone to practice with..

I have been trying, but I can’t seem to make any progress..

I have been learning grammar but I can’t speak..

These are the excuses that I hear all the time. Which is why I believe it is absolutely imperative to have a system to learn Arabic.

I believe that a language is learned from the people of that language, not just books. Books are only a guide.

To learn a language, you need a schedule that you stick to. You need a teacher who keeps you motivated and guides you through the intricacies of the language and you need to immerse yourself in that language.

Why Sign up with Us?

Learning with us will allow us to:

  1. Take you from beginner to expert, using a complete system.
  2. Keep you motivated and on a schedule till you successfully master the language.
  3. Practice Arabic with you.

Let’s get started

The first step in our system is to build a grammatical foundation and essential vocabulary. Once you have this, you can start practicing and immersing yourself in the language and thus, multiply your learning rate exponentially.

To master the essentials, we offer 25 sessions which will cover Book 1 of the Madinah Arabic Series, designed by Sheikh V. Abdur Rahim.

Your Tutor

Ustadh Yasser Talibi is from Saudi Arabia. He resides in Madinah and he has learned under various scholars in the Masjid of the Prophet ﷺ. 

He is a fantastic teacher especially for beginners as he explains essential concepts with clarity, and yes he loves camels.

To make sure you get the most out of the class, he will focus on the grammar concepts and vocabulary, and ask you to do the exercises on your own. He will then correct it and provide feedback on it outside of the class.

The Fluent Arabic Madinah 1 is a great package at an economical price for those who want to get started with the Arabic language. 

Avail this unique opportunity now and get started on your journey!

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Class Details

Starting date: January 7, 2021

Duration: 3 Months

Pr-requisites: Read and write Arabic script

Instructor: Ust. Yasser

Timings: 1-2 p.m GMT (Thursdays and Fridays)

Recordings available

Price (One-time payment)


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