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Present Tense Verb Forms

The present tense verbs are also divided into 14 forms according to person, gender and number:

Third Person(They write)يَكْتُبُونَ(They write)يَكْتُبَانِ(He writes) يَكْتُبُM
(They write) يَكْتُبْنَ(They write)تَكْتُبَانِ(She writes) تَكْتُبُF
Second Person(You write) تَكْتُبَونَ(You write)تَكْتُبَانِ(You write) تَكْتُبُM
(You write) تَكْتُبْنَ(You write)تَكْتُبَانِ(You write) تَكْتُبِينَF
First Person(We write)نَكْتُبُSame as Plural(I write) أَكْتُبُM & F

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