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Healthy Salim Verbs (الفعل الصحيح السالم)

The Healthy Salim Verb does not have a Hamza, doubled letter or sick letter.

Ex.: – خرجَ محمد من الفصل

Mohammad went out of the class.


Rules to keep in mind:

If the third letter of the present tense has Kasra or Fatha, the first letter of the imperative will have Kasra. If it is Dhamma, then the first letter of the imperative will also be Dhamma.


How do you determine the imperative for each of these verbs if you were speaking to a female?

Not sure? Read the section on imperatives again.

past tense
Third Personدَرَسُواthey studiedدَرَسَاthey studiedدَرَسَhe studiedM
دَرَسْنَthey studiedدَرَسَتَاthey studiedدَرَسَتْshe studiedF
Second Personدَرَسْتُمْyou studiedدَرَسْتُمَاyou studiedدَرَسْتَyou studiedM
دَرَسْتُنَّyou studiedدَرَسْتُماyou studiedدَرَسْتِyou studiedF
First Personدَرَسْنَاwe studiedدَرَسْتُI studiedM & F
present tense
Third Personيَدْرُسونَthey studyيَدْرُسانِthey studyيَدْرُسُhe studiesM
يَدْرُسْنَthey studyتَدْرُسانِthey studyتَدْرُسُshe studiesF
Second Personتَدْرُسونَyou studتَدْرُسانِyou studyتَدْرُسُyou studyM
تَدْرُسْنَّyou studyتَدْرُسانِyou studyتَدْرُسينَyou studyF
First Personنَدْرُسُwe studyأَدْرُسُI studyM & F
imperative(command) tense
Third Person......M
Second PersonأُدْرُسواstudyأُدْرُساstudyأُدْرُسْstudyM
First Person......M & F

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