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Mahmouz (الصحيح المهموز)

A Mahmouz verb has a Hamza in its root (base).

The Hamza can come:

1) At the beginning of the base verb; e.g. أكلَ  (ate ).

2) In the middle of the base verb; e.g. سألَ (asked).

3) At the end of the base verb; e.g. قرأ (read).


  • In some verbs starting with Hamza, when used with “أ” in the first person present tense, the Hamza changes to the long Alif with Maddah at the beginning; e.g. أكل >>> آكُلُ = I eat, and أخَذَ آخُذُ = I take.)

أ + أكل = آكُلُ (I eat)

  • The Hamza is dropped in the imperative form of some verbs مُر/خُذ /سَلْ/ كُلْ as in the words of the Prophet peace be upon him: 

:قول الرسول صلى الله عليه وسلم

مُروا أولادكم بالصلاة وهو أبناء سبع

“Order your children to pray and when they are 7 years old”

However, it is permissible in the verb أمَرَ: مُر to keep the hamza when it comes in the middle of the word/there is a letter before the Hamza:

(وأمر أهلك بالصلاة)

(132 طه)

(And order your family to pray) [132 Taha]  

past tense
Third Personأَكَلُوا(they ate)أَكَلَا(they ate)أكَلَ(He ate)M
أَكَلْنَ(they ate)أَكَلَتَا(They ate)أكَلَتْ(she ate)F
Second Personأَكَلْتُم(You ate)أَكَلْتُمَا(Youate)أكَلتَ(You ate)M
أَكَلْتُنَّ(You ate)أَكَلْتُمَا(You ate)أَكَلْتِ(You ate)F
First Personأَكَلْنَا(we ate)أَكَلْتُ(I ate)M & F
present tense
Third Personيَأكُلُون(They eat)يَأكُلَان(they eat)يَأكُل(He eats)M
يَأكُلْنَ(they eat)تَأكُلَان(They eat)تَأكُلُ(she eats)F
Second Personتَأكُلُون(You eat)تَأكُلَان(You  eat)تَأكُلُ(You eat)M
تَأكلْنَّ(You eat)تَأكُلَان(You eat)تَأكُلِينَ(You eat)F
First Personنَأكُلُ(we eat)آكُلُ(I eat)M & F
imperative(command) tense
Third Person......M
Second Personكُلُوا( eat)كُلَا( eat)كُلْ( eat)M
First Person......M & F

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